Seedtag Raises $40m In Series B Funding Led By Oakley Capital For US Expansion

Seedtag, the leader in contextual advertising in EMEA and LATAM, has announced it has received $40 million in Series B funding led by Oakley Capital, a European PE group with $4 billion in assets under management.

We first partnered with Seedtag 2016, the leading investor group. Most are delighted to continue working with the team as they use this round to secure a leadership position in contextual advertising around the world.

AI-Driven Contextual Advertising Data: The Future of Advertising in a Cookie-Free World:

Seedtag creates high-impact and engaging solutions for premium-related visual content. Drive targeting and rewards for top publishers and best brands. Company contextual AI helps brands Engage with consumers within their universe of interest on a cookie-free basis.

Using machine learning, Seedtag allows advertisers to deliver their messages more effectively by linking their brands to specific contextual groups and publishers to take advantage of one of their most valuable assets.

In the next few years, expected brands will no longer be able to leverage third-party cookies to reach their target audience. As a result, many struggles to find reliable alternatives. This helps them understand the interests of consumers while targeting high-priority audiences.

Without cookies, Seedtag is best positioned to provide a deeper understanding of consumer interests. Create a contextual strategy based on data and gather various insights that can help brands improve results.

Build a Strong Team of Over 200 People:

It was founded in Madrid in 2014 by Albert Nieto and Jorge Poyatos. They saw the opportunity to turn editorial images into unique advertising content and left their role at Google to seek new ventures together.

Last year, Seedtag announced three new members to its leadership team as well as the acquisition of German contextual advertising specialist AtomikAd, recognized and Italian competitor AtomikAd. Today, Seedtag is a global company with 215 employees in over nine countries, a 65% increase in headcount since 2020.

Fast-Growing High-Cost Model:

Seedtag is the market leader in contextual advertising in both Europe and Latin America and ranked in the top five in market reach across Europe, with only Facebook and Google reaching a larger audience in some countries. The company continues to grow with product development and improvement.

Despite the impact of COVID-19, Seedtag has revenue of $50 million and forecasts another 60% growth in 2021 ($80 million).

The team is now focused on growing into a global leader, scaling and consolidating leadership in Europe at the same time exploring opportunities to expand business in the United States.

What is the Aim of the Seedtag?

Seedtag aims to continue on its mission to be a global contextual advertising partner for brands and agencies. Already a leader in contextual advertising in EMEA and LATAM, the company intends to use the raised funds to expand into the US market and continue to invest in contextual AI technology.

LionTree serves as the exclusive financial advisor to Seedtag shareholders on a bilateral agreement with Oakley. The advertising industry is undergoing significant changes in terms of audience targeting in the next few years of expected brands. It will no longer be able to utilize third-party cookies to reach its target audience.

Without cookies, Seedtag is best positioned to provide a deeper understanding of consumer interests. Create a contextual strategy based on data and gather various insights to help brands improve their results. Seedtag achieved significant growth in 2020 after further developing and enhancing product capabilities.

The organization generates 25% year-on-year organic growth even under the impact of COVID-19, and The company revenue reached $50 million in 2020 and projected growth of 60% in 2021 ($80 million).

Who is Peter Dubens?

Peter Dubens, the Managing Partner of Oakley Capital, said Oakley’s investment in Seedtag demonstrates our continued ability to provide proprietary deals from across our network and in attractive sectors.

A growing focus on consumer privacy and brand security is driving growth in contextual advertising, and we believe Seedtag well-positioned to take advantage of this exciting opportunity. Thanks to the combination of best-in-class technology, strong trade relationship, and an impressive management team.

Albert Nieto, Seedtag’s CO-CEO, said Oakley’s investment reinforces our strategy to build a global leader in contextual advertising. We look forward to delivering contextual solutions to brands and publishers in the United States.

Why did Seedtag Raise $40 Million in Series B funding?

Founded in 2014, Seedtag works on a cookie-free basis instead of using proprietary machine-learning mechanisms. It can analyze 10,000 articles per minute and provide human-like understanding. This analysis can translate into a better understanding of consumer interests and, therefore, present targeted advertisements.

Seedtag, a specialist in Europe and Latin America, has established relationships with brands including Universal and Adidas, agencies such as WPP and Havas, and premium publishers reaching a combined audience of over 500 million at Uniquely, Oakley Investments developed from a long-standing relationship between Seedtag’s founding team and investment firm partners.

A growing focus on consumer privacy and brand security is driving growth in contextual advertising. And we believe that Seedtag well-positioned to take advantage of this exciting opportunity by combining best-in-class technology, a strong trade relationship, and an impressive management team which commented on by the Peter Dubens of Oakley Capital.


Finally, Seedtag has raised $40 million in a Series B funding round. The $35 million of the round comes from Oakley Capital, a figure that gives the investment firm a minority stake in Seedtag’s technology.

Machine learning and AI technologies provide brands with contextual advertising solutions. This funding expected to continue to develop AI technology, target and prepare more publishers, and expand to the US market. With the transition to consumer privacy and the upcoming GDPR rules, as well as branded third-party cookies.

It has used for many years and is about to become obsolete. Seedtag said it would use the proceeds to expand the reach of LIZ’s AI technology, innovation, and global operations. It will also expand its expansion to the United States, which is the largest advertising market in the world, and provide more firepower for more M&A activities. Seedtag enters the next phase of its international growth.

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