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You can convert your youtube videos into MP4 but you must be wondering how will you all do it.  So, in this blog, we are going to clear all your doubts about this topic and will tell you about a free and convenient tool to download the youtube videos which you want. So without taking much of your time let us tell you about the site from which you can download the required video from youtube. It is a wave. Video. Now you all must be wondering, why to use this site named wave. video. So here are the reasons why you should opt for this site:-

 It is a web-based downloader

There is no need to download any kind of heavy software from your system anymore to download any video from youtube. This free youtube to MP4 downloader is totally web-based software.

So what this web-based software means? 

The software which you can access just with a connection to the internet and a web browser is web-based. In this, there is no need to purchase any hardware or software, not any compulsion of downloading any software, or not to forget to ever worry about any costly product upgrades which may impact your hard-earned pocket.

Hence while using this site you can convert videos through any browser while being anywhere in the world without losing your comfort.

It is easy to use

All thanks to its user-friendly interface and straightforward setup, it can be used by any person even by those who don’t have any single skill of editing a video. This Wave. video’s free youtube to MP4 converter is a time saver for downloading and converting videos.

It’s Unlimited conversions

This is the best thing about this one should not forget it has unlimited conversions. But what do these unlimited conversions mean?

This unlimited conversion means that you can download as many conversions as you want there is no limit to this. So with this youtube to MP4 converter, you can download as many videos from youtube to mp4 converter as you want. There is no limitation at all on the number of conversions to MP4 format.

Hence you can now take it as it is the best as well as free and most convenient tool to download the video you want from youtube.

Step-by-step guide on how to convert YouTube videos into MP4 in Wave. video

Step 1: Copy the URL

First, let us know about this URL. A uniform resource locator is a unique type of identifier that is used to locate a resource on the internet. It can also be called a web address. URL consists of many parts which include a protocol and domain name that informs a web browser about how and where to retrieve a resource. So in this first step open the video which you want to download on youtube then copy its URL.

Now the question arises that how will you find this URL to copy. Open the video on youtube then you will find an option named share click on that after this choose the option copy link and hurry now you have successfully copied the URL. So let us proceed to the next step.

Step 2: paste the URL

In this process, you need to open Wave. video page and then paste the URL of the video which you copied in step 1 into the box which you will find on the top of the page. After this you will get 2 options, one is “download MP4”  and the other is “save and edit videos”.

Click the “Download MP4” button to download the video on your system but if you want to customize, host, or stream the video then you have to save this video on this page for this you click on another option which is “save and edit videos”.

Step 3: Download the video

After completing all these processes the video will start converting into MP4 format itself and save to your device. Now you can enjoy the video.

Some of the queries which can strike your mind

 Can you download YouTube videos in HD with this Wave. video?

Off-course without any other thoughts you can. From this site, you can convert youtube video to MP4 in any video resolution whether it is 1080p, 720p, 480p, or 120p.

If you want to convert the youtube video to MP3 then this Wave. video useable?

The answer to this question is also a big yes. With Wave. video’s youtube MP3 converter you can easily and safely extract and download audio from video.

Are there any other video tools that are available in Wave. video?

Yup, there are many other options available that make your work easy as Wave. video is a versatile video marketing platform in which you can make, edit, host, and live-stream the content of the video.

 You can easily create, customize, repurpose, and promote all types of video content with the help of Wave. video.

Why convert videos to MP4?

When you convert your videos is youtube to mp4 converter then it permits you to use the video without any sort of restriction. Both versatility and less loss of quality for higher compression are offered by MP4. And when you are streaming a video on any internet platform then you get to enjoy high resolution, no matter how small the file size is.

Let’s know some interesting facts about youtube

Having 2.6 users, Youtube is the second largest used online platform.

Every passing minute 500 hours of videos are uploaded on youtube.

Per day youtube people watch over 1 billion hours of videos which is more than Netflix and Facebook combined watch time.

Youtube gets 70% of views from mobile devices.

India’s No.1 music production channel T-Series has the most subscribers on youtube in the year 2022.

Per day there are around 1,000,000,000 mobile video views.

Youtube is watched by 81% of U.S. parents to find content for their children.

71% of marketers for video marketing use youtube.

And one of the main reasons for the popularity of youtube is its simplicity of the application. There is a wide range of content that you can choose from as it is easy for creators to create their content on youtube. Hope this in this blog you find all your answers about how to convert youtube videos to Mp4.

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